My name is Luc, and I'm a super nerd.
I collect comics, Disney Pins, cosplay (obviously), Funko! Pops, books, and everything that interests me (Cough Spider-Man faceshells Cough)
I also secretly read and write Harry Potter  fanfiction (under a pseudonym, that no one but me knows)
 I play Yu-Gi-Oh!, every FPS under the sun, League of Legends, D&D, HeroClix!, and a lot of other things I could go on for hours about.

I started cosplaying in 2013 while working at EA games, exploring my nerdy side without getting made fun of for the first time in my life. 

My first convention was (technically) Sac-Con 2013, where I had a test run of my very first Spider-Man cosplay. 

At the time, I was super into hip-hop dancing and was getting into breakdancing too. I had grabbed the tag BboyOptix for a time while finding my roots in cosplay. 
Months upon months three more suits, and a bunch more conventions (addiction noted...) later, I changed my name to BboySpiderMan (after talking with the previous owner of the name who had actually never danced a day in his life, but liked the name)

I snagged the tag, and ran with it!

Since then I've cosplayed various characters: Nightwing, Arsenal, (countless Spider-Men), Thomas from Maze Runner, Deadpool, Nagisa Hazuki (Free), Teenage Captain America, and many more.

I have also done many charity events as classic Spider-Man including 5 cancer run events, 2 children's hospital visits, more than 50 children's birthdays, and a very special Make-a-Wish Foundation event I did for an amazing young man. I give back to the community every chance I can and am always looking to help those in need. It makes me feel like more of a hero, and really connects me to the world in such a profound way.

I hope to continue with this lifestyle as long as possible, but that comes at a cost.
Costuming isn't cheap... material costs alone run in the hundreds of dollars for every single suit I make or have made.
This website support me in more ways than people will likely ever know.
With every print I sell I am being reminded of how many people I have behind me, pushing me to greater heights and to be a better person.

Thank you all for your support! (even if you don't buy a print ;) )